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A college student gets dumped for being a “virgin to social media” and decides he must learn the ropes.


Feature (87 pages).


Death Plug

After yet another script gets rejected, two washed-up Hollywood writers finally realize the only way to regain their prior success ... One of them must die.


Feature (70 pages).


Street antics, drugs, women, ego, corruption, the allure of fame, and players fighting for their last chance... The game of basketball in its purest form.  


Pilot (47 pages).

World's Greatest Detective

The most cliched detective in the world must track down his ex-wife's murderer before retirement and alcoholism destroy him.


Short (28 pages).

Classic Rise and Fall

An Italian mobster rises from rags to riches. There's gonna be accents, a lot of voice-over, and even more rats. The perfect Italian cliche. 


Short (24 pages).